What are live keyboards?

Presume that you are working with a project and would like to add some nice keyboards to it! If you go to a recording studio that has all the real instruments, good microphones, a good musician, a good sound-engineer etc. it would probably cost you a fortune. Instead you should contact me, no expensive rents for the above mentioned, I’ll do it for you! You send me your audio-files with your music via the web. I’ll record real Hammond organ, grand piano, wurlitzer etc on your music. 

1. The first step is to contact me by mail: info@petterssonmusic.com 

2. The next step is for me to get your audio files sent over the Internet. It’s a good thing to send me a "preview" of your project (mp3) before you send the original audio files, all because it’s a small size media and can be sent attached in a mail. 

3. When I’ve listened to your "preview", I will contact you to tell you what kind of files I’ll need to listen to when i record the keyboards. I will also listen to your suggestions of how the keyboard-tracks are supposed to be played, an open dialogue! If you have recorded your own keyboard-tracks as an idea of how it should sound, it will save some time. 

4. After my recording-session, i will send you a preview (mp3) of the recorded keyboards, with or without your music in the background. That is for you to get an idea of what I’ve been recording. Then you can listen and tell me what you think. Maybe you would want another sound in the chorus, another way of playing in the bridge etc. 

5. When you are satisfied with the recording, I’ll send you the multi-channel audio files over the Internet. I will use www.wetransfer.com for transferring audio-files, it’s very simple. All the keyboards-tracks are recorded separately (for example: 3 tracks for the Hammond organ, 2 microphones on top of the leslie and 1 microphone at the bottom) and saved in the specific audio-format that you want them to be recorded in. (AIFF, WAV, SDII, MP3 etc.)